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Spend Time, Save Money: Couponing

  Bodine Berger  |    Sep 7, 2018 1:55:29 PM  |    Fun,  |    save

Eventbrite is resourceful site for all of the couponers in Boca Raton. Heres a link: www.eventbrite.com/d/fl--boca-raton/couponing-event/

How much time are you willing to spend to save money? Extreme couponing can spend days before a shopping trip yet some people waste money without using a single coupon. Whats your balance? 

Couponing can be time consuming but a lot of fun. Its like scrape-booking without the glue. Moms everywhere have different styles of couponing. Boca Raton has many sites dedicated to find great deals around town.


girl riding on utility trailer

Can you believe some people believe coupons are only something you find in a grocery store? Coupons can be for anything from movie tickets to buying a car. Comment below any good coupons or sweat deals you found this week.



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