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You've Got MAIDS Responds To Hurricane Irma

  Joseph Berger  |    08 September 2017

You've Got MAIDS is headquartered in Charleston, SC area. As such, we have plenty of delicious seafood, historic neighborhoods, friendly people, and hurricanes. Hurricane Irma will not be our first hurricane, nor will it be our last. Flooding can be a serious concern in Charleston, even during more benign storms. In Scandanavia, the saying goes that there's not bad weather, just bad clothing. In Charleston, we feel the same way about hurricanes. It's all about preparing for the challenges to come. Furthermore, when you find yourself in the position to help, you help. 

What's You've Got MAIDS doing in response?

Bruce O'Brien, who'se wife Elsa O'Brien owns and operates the You've Got MAIDS franchise in Quakertown, flew a jet full of supplies down to Florida. Bruce, who is also a professional pilot, found himself heading to Florida in an empty Challenger Jet and recognized the opportunity to do good. Elsa and Bruce called on their extensive network of business partners, neighbors, and friends in the Quakertown, PA area to quickly gather together water, diapers, and other essentials. It is a testament to their years of outstanding service to the community that they were able to gather so much in so little time. Bruce then flew those supplies down to Fort Lauderdale to help alleviate the burden of those in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Bruce O'Brien of Quakertown loads up supplies for Hurricane Irma

What's our plan here at Headquarters?

When you know a bad storm is coming, the first thing to do is to assess your position. In the event of Hurricane Irma, it is now expected that the storm will trail through Florida into Georgia and route westward. While the worst might not be heading Charleston's way, the area may still receive significant rainfall. It's still important to be prepared, if only to check the bases for a more significant storm later on (here's to you Jose and Katia). 

Obviously the first step in a storm is to find the safest way forward. In the case of Irma, evacuation seems unlikely, but everyone should have their car's gas tanks full. 

Next, we take a look at your ongoing projects and see what can and cannot be done with this new information in hand. Can we still deliver x by y? A strong business is able to deliver and communicate.

What's our next step?

The next step as a business is keep calm, and carry on. It's that simple. You plan the attack, and then attack the plan. Eventually the storm will subside. When it does, we at You've Got MAIDS will be ready to help clean up the mess.

Supplies Gathered by You've Got Maids of Quakertown

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