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YGM of Los Angeles Holiday Cleaning Tips

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    10 December 2013  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sherman Oaks

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Its the season to be clean and ready for your holiday guest. Here is one tip sure to help you between professional cleaning services.

Sure to be used at least once by each guest, the bathroom is likely going to be a high traffic area. You can determine which bathrooms you want to keep open for guests and which are for private use only. First, make sure everything has a place. Messy counters and disorganized cabinets will leave a sour taste in your guest’s mouth. Snooping is inevitable and you don’t want someone to feel the wrath of an avalanche when opening your cupboards.

Second, make sure all surfaces (counters, light switches, mirrors) are all wiped clean. Fingerprints and streaks are a sign of an area that hasn’t been cleaned. Do you really want your mother-in-law thinking you didn’t clean up before she arrived? Once you’re done, make sure anything being left out is organized either parallel or perpendicular.

Third, clean your toilet. This means wiping it from top to bottom outside, and taking the good ol’ toilet brush to clean and disinfect the bowl. Since you’re having guests over, it would be wise to deodorize your toilet so its left smelling fresh and clean.

Lastly, target those floors. Floors should be vacuumed to remove any debris then mopped to make it sparkle. Doing half the job just won’t cut it this time around. If you have decorative carpets, you can vacuum them as well or take a lint roller to them for a quick and easy clean-up.

Since you’re having guests over, it’s also a good idea to ensure hand towels and spare toilet paper rolls are readily available.

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