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Window Cleaning Like A Professional | Yorba Linda House Cleaning

  Melendez  |    12 August 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Yorba Linda

Window cleaning is one chore that people put off year after year, mostly because they are have been doing it wrong all this time. There are much easier ways than the usual Windex, mashed together pager towels, and will power. According to This Old House, a website with a lot of interesting articles related to cleaning, the best way to start your window cleaning your window is to remove your cleaning agent (soap or window cleaning fluid) with a squeegee, after each stroke with a squeegee wipe the residue that the squeegee with a cloth.


Yorba Linda House Cleaning A Squeegee will make your window cleaning much easier. Check out other tips from your Yorba Linda House Cleaning Service.


Although the squeegee does a great job at removing the majority of the water, there will still be some drips remaining. This is a great time to use a chamois to grab the rest of the water.


Yorba Linda House Cleaning Grab the rest of the water with a Chamois!


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