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What's Living in Your Carpet?

  Meli Lussier  |    20 December 2016  |    House Cleaning Tips



You really may not want to know. Topping the list are:

  • mites
  • mold 
  • mildew
  • lawn chemicals
  • lead dust
  • asbestos particles
  • animal feces

...and the list goes on.  Although wall-to-wall carpeting is virtually impossible to clean thouroughly, Web MD offers some great carpet cleaning tips, including: 

  • Encourage family members to remove shoes upon entrance into the home.
  • Vacuum two or more times per week.
  • Clean up spills on carpets immediately to prevent stains.
  • Use household ingredients to clean carpet stains
  • As a last resort carpet stain remover, try rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Use baking soda to remove odor from carpets.
  • Steam clean carpets with plain water.
  • Ventilate well during and after carpet cleaning.