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Want to be Secretary of Labor?

  Joseph Berger  |    29 August 2017

Andrew Puzder Gets Swept Away

When you were a little kid, did you ever raise your hand and say, "When I grow up, I want to be the Secretary of Labor for the United States of America"? Perhaps you did, perhaps you didn't, but what it is certain is what could lose you such a sought after position; hiring undocumented workers as maids.

Tsk, tsk, Andrew Puzder. Mr. Puzder was nominated for the position last February after a long career in the fast food franchise business running CKE Restaurants (the parent company over Hardee's and Carl's Jr). Despite his success in franchising, he was forced to withdraw his nomination. Amongst multiple allegations against his character, Mr. Puzder was found to have hired undocumented workers to clean his home. Can you believe it! 


Call The Pros

Whether your ambition is to set the labor policies for the entire country or just get a good house cleaning, professional maid service is the solution. At You've Got Maids, all of our workers aren't just documented, they have background checks, drug tests, and are well trained. We are very, very serious about who we bring aboard our team. Don't be like Mr. Puzder, call the pros.


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