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Virginia Beach You’ve Got Maids Top 5 Habits to Avoid “The Big Clean-up”!

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    15 October 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Virginia Beach

Many of us have our own way of keeping our home clean and organized. At the end of a long day we do not have the time or energy to clean, we also lack the motivation and drive to even consider cleaning our home. We may have a cleaning list, generally called a “chore list” or a “to do checklist”. These chores generally don’t get done when we want them to. Who has time right now? Wow! This is more than I thought! Or, this is more than I have time for right now. To avoid the surprise of “The Big Clean-up”, don’t wait until the end of the day for the dreaded task that gets put off time and time again. Tackel the mess head-on, up-front. Learn these 5 habits to avoid the “The Big Clean-up

1. Put things or items back, where they belong - Everything has its place!

2. Put away cloths/shoes/coats- When getting dressed, trying to decide what to wear. Shoes/Sandals/Slippers put on the shoe rack by the door or under bed or in closet. Before taking a bath/shower put cloths in the hamper. After doing laundry put clothing away.

3. If it spills/falls/drops or leaves a residue – Wipe or vacuum it up, pick it up or clean the spot or wipe it up immediately. Don’t let it sit, depending on the type of spill it can be costly to remove.

4. Do the dishes- Wash immediately after using or load the dishwasher and run it. Don’t let them sit until the end of the day. This can cause bad odors and bugs.

5. Put away mail/magazines/newspapers- After getting the mail organize it, throw away the junk. Put the magazines in their place or in recycle bins same with the newspapers right away. Don’t let them sit or they will become an unsightly sore!

These suggestions won’t come naturally, they require some work. But over time, with practice doing them day in and day out these habits will become second nature. They will build in your memory bank, becoming second nature (routine).

Putting items back in there proper place every time will help save time and save you from that overwhelming feeling of having to clean the whole house all at once. For help with your entire home’s cleaning needs contact You’ve Got Maids of Virginia Beach professional maid service. Call (757) 932-5326 for your free estimate today.