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Dusting with a Feather Duster

  Drew Denby  |    22 December 2011  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sarasota


You Will Need:  Ostrich Feather Duster, some dusty items.,a Microfiber cloth draped over shoulder. Some people swear by Swiffer's, Lamb’s wool or Microfiber dusting tools. Here at You’ve Got MAIDS we will tend to use the natural products and Microfiber rather than Swiffer's and the Ostrich Feather Duster can be the best of all if used in the correct manner.

The Feathers of the Ostrich have some unique features that make them the best dusters of all. All Ostrich feather dusters are unique in their ability to both attract and hold dust - unlike other dusters which simply move the dust from one area to another.   Tiny follicles on each feather are naturally electrically charged which "attract" rather than repel the dust - no other duster in the world does this!!

These unique electrostatic properties are naturally occurring - no artificial or unnatural treatments are added to the Ostrich feathers to make them "dust attracting” That being said how you use this tool will determine how effective it really will be. 

So the Method we train our House Cleaning Maids in this;

Always start high. So if you’re dusting a nightstand holding the Feather duster lightly place the feathers so they are just resting on the highest surface to be dusted. Moving the Duster slowly over the surface so it collects all the dust.  you should be moving with slow gentle action.  Now this is the important bit , when you get to the end of your stroke come to a dead stop. Do not let the feather flick up as this will release some of the dust back into the air and in turn back onto the item you have just dusted. Slowly lower the Duster until it is resting at your side, raise you foot slightly and then gently tap the handle of the duster on the side of you shoe a couple of times. Doing this lets the dust fall to the floor which you will vacuum up once the dusting is done. Repeat the process until all the dust is removed. Use the Microfiber cloth on any sickly spots and as a final buffer.  Finally when dusting, walk gently until the vacuuming is done or you’ll just kick it all back up in the air again.

Of course the best way to dust, is to call Marion at You've Got Maids of Sarasota 941.979.8462 and we will send a crack team of Dusting Professional round to deal with it for you. Click here for a free estimate.

By Drew Denby