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Top 3 Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Oven Clean!

  Chris and Ryan Belgrave  |    29 October 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Virginia Beach

Keeping the oven clean requires a conscious effort.  The holidays are quickly approaching and keeping your oven clean is imperative to baking the perfect dish!  We don’t want the old burned, charred, built up grease and grime that has been left behind ruin your holiday meals.  We here at You've Got Maids of Virginia Beach have put together a few tips to help you keep your oven clean and ready for this holiday season:

  1. Use aluminum foil - apply a sheet of aluminum foil to the bottom of your oven. You can even cover your oven racks with aluminum foil as well.  Keep it away from the heating element and be careful not to cover the vents.
  2. Wipe glass window off- cover item while baking to prevent splatters from getting on the glass.  Wipe oven window with a cloth dampened cloth after every use.  You can also use a scraper or razor to remove any stuck on grease or carbon. Always scrape away from your body and other hand.
  3. Clean up all spills right away- if something over spills or bubbles-over sprinkle a little salt on it. This will make it easier to clean up. As soon as it cools wipe it up.

Okay, now that you have these easy to follow tips you are going to try and keep your oven clean.  It should be as easy as 1, 2, and 3.  But, if your oven is really, and I mean really filthy and dirty, greasy and grimy, it only make good sense to hire the professionals at You've Got Maids of Virginia Beach Tell them you want our lady to clean your oven.  Call us today (757) 932-5326 for your free estimate. You’ll be glad you did!