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Soji : How Buddhist Monks Clean Up

  Joseph Berger  |    01 July 2017

Soji is the practice where Buddhist monks, following their morning prayers and meditation, take about twenty minutes to clean up around the monastery. The practice is such that the monk begins a task of cleaning without any intention of ever finishing. Soji is in a way an extension of the meditation, and is meant to expand the monks mindfulness and perhaps conclude whatever was incomplete in the course of the morning's meditation. At the end of the prescribed twenty minutes, a monk rings a bell and the Soji is over, and the monks carry on to whatever it is that they do next, most likely breakfast.

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Now, you'll find that we do not hire many Buddhist monks as house cleaners. While the mindfulness associated with Soji sounds nice, and I'm sure a monastery of monks could get a good amount of work done in twenty minutes, but we assure you, we're not going to stop until we are finished. 

Personally I feel I'm able to find my zen AFTER the house is clean, preferably not by me. That's why I, along with thousands of families from coast to coast hire You've Got Maids to clean our homes. For Weekly, Bi-Monthly, and 52-Point Spring Cleans, give You've Got Maids a call.