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Top 3 Snow Day Activities for Families from Pinterest

  Joseph Berger  |    12 February 2018  |    holidays

When your stuck at home during a winter storm, the little ones can get restless. We took a look around Pinterest with the hopes of finding a couple of good ideas to add to your arsenal.

Snow Covered House.jpg

Paint the Snow

Originating from the blog "My Life and Kids" by Anna, here's an idea that uses the adundant snow to have a little fun. All you need is a little food coloring, water, and paint brushes. After that, your child's imagination will have a new medium to play around in. 

Paint on Foil

Think your child might be the next Van Gogh? Here's a fun way to make a starry night on a snowy day. Coming from "Messy Little Monster", an arts and crafts blog by mom Louise, this project requires tin foil, cardboard, tape, q tips, and some paint. We're sure your kids can take it from there.

Felt Snowman

Want to avoid paint? Here's a fun way to build a snowman inside with all of that snow, and the cold that goes with it. Utilizing felt, scissors, and spray adhesive, Chelsea of "Life with my Littles" has brought us a really fun winter play idea.



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