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Smells Sells

  Drew Denby  |    21 February 2011  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sarasota

There is evidence documented by Dr David Chamberlain Ph.D. that our sense of Taste and Smell develop in the womb.  There has also been research that shows that newborns are drawn to the odour of breast-milk even though they have not had any previous experience of it. In fact our vision is the last sense to fully develop. That is why we can sometimes recognize a smell or taste of something better if we close our eyes.  Some people say that smell and taste develop so soon to protect us from eating something that is bad or gone off. After all don’t we all have to do a, sniff & taste test, before we eat anything we’re not familiar with(Or is that just me?).

Of course smell is also good and increases pleasure as well. Freshly baked bread and a new brew of coffee can change your mood from sad to glad just with one deep inhale.  Of course it didn’t take big business long to pick up on the scent (if you’ll excuse the pun), that’s why supermarkets started baking bread in store and the coffee shop grinds and roasts the beans on site. Even the car dealership now must have coffee brewing to make you want to stay just a little bit longer.

These days smells, sells. You only need to travel down the Air Freshener aisle at the mall to see what I mean.  Row after row of “Honeysuckle Sunset” and “Fuchsia Morning”, I saw one recently called “Cut Grass”, now that’s not a smell I would normally associate with a dining room but hey it is a nice smell. The same must be said for cleaning products. Fragrance and perfumes are added to give the impression of clean because we have become accustomed to pine and lemon being clean and fresh. The only thing is, unless you have a pine tree in your lounge or a lemon grove in your TV room it’s all false smell. Clean doesn’t smell, it’s just clean. If you want a “Fuchsia Morning” buy some fuchsias and you can’t beat a honeysuckle plant trained around a kitchen window for the best honeysuckle sunset around.  Marion loves the home to smell of flowers so we recently arranged with North Ports'  Natural Florist Andree Belliveau  to get a regular monthly bouquet we paid a fixed price and now we know why the home is full of the perfumes of flowers.

Clean doesn’t smell of anything. If all the dust, allergens and pet dander have been removed then we shouldn’t really smell anything. Here at You’ve Got MAIDS Sarasota we don’t bring chemicals into your home to take over the smells of teenagers. We use Eco-Friendly Steam Vapour cleaners and  and active ionisers to really clean. If you have allergies or just don’t like flowers we can use essential oils to add a scent to your home if you want it. So if we have cleaned the smells you smell are real. Click here for a free maid service estimate and give your home a breath of fresh air.