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Quick Oven Cleaning Tip For the Holiday Cleaning Season

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    18 December 2013  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sherman Oaks

If you are cooking for the holidays, I want some. Send me a care package.

We always complain that we eat too much but it does happen only once per year (that’s the real reason LuluLemon pants exist). And you know you’ve pinned like 2,398,439 recipes that you want to try and show up your sister-in-law this year. But here’s the catch: something may bubble over or not work as planned. Maybe you got distracted, maybe you didn’t know the recipe or maybe you should stick to your day job. Either way, instead of shouting various swears in the oven’s direction, use this very quick and easy tip to catch any spills that happen in your oven.

Here’s all you need to do!

  • Take a handful of table salt and throw it over the hot bubbly mess (this works for self-cleaning and non-self cleaning ovens).
  • You should do this when the spill is fresh (being careful not to burn your arm of course).
  • Let your food continue cooking and take it out when the time is up.
  • Once the oven cools, the spill will easily move off the floor of the oven, the salt prevents it from sticking!

Such an easy solution for a potentially smelly, smokey error.

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