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Odd Uses for Coca Cola

  Melendez  |    11 August 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Yorba Linda

We all know that soda is not the best drink for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that there can be many uses for Coca Cola around your household?

A website called Remedies and Herbs has a list of over 50 uses for Coca Cola but I will only talk about a few of them today.

Remedies and Herbs mentions that you can use Coca Cola to clean your windows, the reason that this works is that one of the main ingredients is Citric Acid, which is a cleanser. You will have to go over the window again with water to make sure that you have removed the soda residue.


They also mention that you can use Coca Cola for cleaning your kitchen. Specifically that you can use it to clean your counter tops. This works in the same way as the windows with and Citric Acid cleanser. An added benefit of using Coca Cola on your counter is that Coca Cola is so acidic that it can eat through grease.

If that doesn't shock you, then maybe knowing that you can use Coke to clean the oil stains off of your garage floor will.

These are just some of the uses that are mentioned for Coke, some of the uses are actually quite amazing. Be sure to read the full article!


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