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Odd Cleaning Tip

  Melendez  |    27 August 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Brea

Orange County House Cleaning

I recently read a blog post from The Charles Realty out of Boston while searching for odd cleaning tips, that you will find interesting. And not only did I find some odd tips...I found these tips to be very useful as well.

Now, I have not tested all of their tips but I after reading them I am very curious to give them a try!

One tip that was given from The Charles Realty is regarding Tupperware. One of my personal pet peeves of storing food in Tupperware is that the every other food item that is stored in the container tends to take on the smell and taste of the previous culinary inhabitant. Have you tried putting spaghetti in Tupperware? You might as well label that container as a spaghetti only container for the remainder of its useful life. But is it possible to fix this problem? The suggestion that The Charles Realty makes is, "Wash Tupperware containers with baking soda and hot water so they don’t smell like previously stored food."

Could it really be so simple? I encourage everyone to head over to the Charles Realty page and take a look at some of their tips, you may learn some very useful tips that could change your life for the better.

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