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  Nalini Andrus  |    31 July 2013  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Olympia

Olympia, WA- Are you too busy to dedicate your time to dusting, scrubbing, and wiping every nook and cranny in your home? You're in luck. With You've Got Maids, you've found a professional house cleaning service that will rid your home of dust, dirt and other contaminants for an incredible clean. Our style of cleaning ensures our clients a healthy, cleaner home.
How does You've Got Maids achieve such breathtaking cleaning results?
•A team of two to three bonded and insured cleaning professionals will maneuver through your home, thoroughly removing dirt particles, soap scum and contaminants from all rooms inside your home.
•The Maids uses an exclusive 52 Point Spring Cleaning System, which is lingo for “we don’t miss a horizontal surface or nook and cranny in a home.” For you, this means everything gets cleaned.
•We use environmentally preferable cleaning products. Your home will be clean and healthy.
•Carpets and upholstered furniture will be impeccably clean thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment like backpack vacuums with HEPA filtration. These vacuums capture up to 99% of all dust and allergens in your home.
•With top-notch expertise and a magic touch, we will help your beautiful home look its best every single visit.
Get a free estimate for our maid services today! Call (360)491-1558 or contact us online at www.olympia.youvegotmaids.com

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