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Do I have too many books?

  John Bodine  |    12 October 2018

When is a good time to read?

       For book lovers its always a good time to read. Do you love buying books but have been busy recently? The Japanese call this ”Tsundoku". Tsundoku refers to the act of buying books and never reading them. Usually this act means you are piling books around nightstands and the floor. If you can’t stop buying books you also might suffer from Bibliomania, which is not a bad thing.

assorted books on wooden table


       All it takes is one trip to the bookstore to fill out another small library. Some like to just have a collection of good looking books, but never get around to organizing them. Others just like to have books ready for a later date when they have free time to read away that day. A library of mostly unread books is far more inspiring than a library of books already read. There's nothing more exciting than finishing a book, and walking over to your shelves to figure out what you're going to read next. 


open book lot


       The solution here is to just slow down on the buying, not cut it out entirely, which means things like limiting to one book per bookstore visit. Unless one can create more personal time for themselves to read. As one starts to chip away at the huge list of “Books I Want To Read”, I'm sure that list will deepen and broaden in ways one can't predict, so eventually the library may be more balanced and not so skewed toward books one haven't read, but it will never be fixed row of read books. Libraries aren't meant to be intractable, they're meant to change, and they change by buying books. As long as one don't trip over those piles of books on the floor and break their leg, it seems that having too many books on your hands is a pretty wonderful problem to have. Create more time for yourself by hiring You’ve Got Maids to clear the clutter. Every-time we clean the house gives you more time read. Get your free quote today: