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Labor Day Grilling Tips for Youve Got Maids of Santa Monica

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    04 September 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Santa Monica

If you’re breaking out your grill for one last hoorah this weekend, you’re not alone! In fact, Labor Day is the second largest cookout event of the year in the United States! Keep it safe, clean and delicious with these tips from BrightNest’s five most popular grilling posts of the summer:

1. Clean It Up

Whether your grill is charcoal or gas, it needs to be cleaned and maintained! Make sure your barbecue is mouth-watering and your kielbasa doesn’t get too crispy by taking fifteen minutes to check out your favorite outdoor cooktop.

2. Grill A Veggie

Even the biggest bacon lovers can get tired of the meat-heavy meals at cookouts this time of year. Break outside of the meat box and try something new – your grill is more versatile than you realize! Instead of another sausage-fest, try grilling peaches, watermelon or even cake. For more grill-able food ideas.

3. Keep It Safe

Ensure that you’re throwing a safe cookout this Labor Day weekend by being prepared and paying attention! From food poisoning to fire hazards, cookouts are full of danger.

4. Use Aluminum Foil

It may have been a seriously good barbeque season, but every succulent steak left a little bit of gunk on your grill rack. As the summer comes to a close, make sure your grill is properly cleaned by breaking out the aluminum foil. Simply crumple the foil into a ball and then rub it along the grill rack. The foil will set that crud free! For more aluminum foil tricks.

5. Ditch the Chemicals

Keep it clean and green this Labor Day weekend by throwing an eco-friendly cookout. Store-bought cleaning products, pesticides and VOCs don’t go well with soy sauce and contribute to an unhealthy burger marinade! It’s possible to keep pests away, your grill clean and costs down without using harmful toxins!

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