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Jelly is Jam, Cookies are Biscuits, Chips are Crisps and French Fries are Chips.

  Drew Denby  |    25 February 2011  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Sarasota



As You may know Marion and I are new in town and we're gradually getting used to all the new shops, and brands you have here.  Differences crop up everywhere Jelly is Jam, Jello is Jelly, Cookies are Biscuits, Chips are Crisps and everyone knows that French Fries are Chips. well because of this we have found ourselves looking at the back of labels to make sure we know what we are actually buying. In the UK we do online grocery shopping. You can order your food on line and the supermarket will deliver it right to your door. This link goes to Sainsbury's online shopping site.  You can even watch a video recipe site. Click here to see Roast Pork Hot Pot.  I don't think they will deliver  to the USA  but play around and see some of the things you could get you can even search by brand name.

What we have found is that we are trying new things everyday.  Some we didn't try again but some things have become a part of our weekly shop. We decided you don't know what you might be missing if you don't try new things.

Here at You've Got MAIDS Sarasota we'd love you to try something new as well, and that's us. Click Here to get a free Estimate for Home Cleaning Service today. We're sure once you've tried it you'll love us too.

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