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How do you properly fold a shirt?

  Joseph Berger  |    22 January 2018  |    House Cleaning Tips


Shirts with Collars

We want to treat a shirt with a collar a little different than say a t-shirt. When unproperly folded, the collar can get creased and lose some of it's structure. To avoid that, follow the below instructions and you'll be good to go!

Step One: Buttons

Start by buttoning the top button and the third-from-top button. The rest of the buttons do not need to buttoned.

Step Two: Shirt Down

Place the shirt face down, with the arms outstretched. Smooth out the wrinkles until it's fairly smooth.

Step Three: Time to Fold

You're going to fold the right side first. Imagine a line that descends from edge of the collar down to the bottom of the shirt. Fold that edge over from their and smooth things out. 

Once smoothed, pinch the top of the shoulder of the folded arm, grab the wrist with your other hand and fold over so that the wrist comes down to the bottom of the shirt. 

Grab the other and repeat the above folding process.

Then make a fold of several inches of the bottom of the shirt upwards. Fold it over again, the edge should nustle up to the bottom of the collar. 

Turn the shirt over. It should look like it's ready for retail. Congratulate yourself. You're awesome. Maybe download a soundtrack of people applauding and play it for yourself. You deserve it.

Shirts Without Collars

This is considerably easier than the previous section regarding shirts with collars. 

Step One: Lay it Out

Lay the shirt horizontally in front of you with the neck to your left and the face of the shirt up.

Pinch the top of the shoulder closest to you with your left hand. With your right hand, pinch about the midsection of the shirt, due south of the should you're pinching. Ensure that you've pinched both the front and back of the shirt. 

Step Two: Fold

Maintaining the position of the pinched midsection hand (should be your right hand), pull the left hand (which is pinching the shoulder) down to meet the bottom of the shirt closest to you, which you will then add into the pinch. Your arms are crossed, and this is the time for error or success. 

Uncross your arms and pull up off the surface at the same time. Lay it back down with your hands on the far side of the laid-out shirt. Then fold towards yourself. Smooth it out a bit, and you should be retail ready. Again, congratulate yourself, you're a star.