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How to Clean Your Furnace

  Fernando Gutierrez  |    09 October 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Sherman Oaks

1. Locate the access panel on the outside of the furnace. This is below the return-air duct, between the blower system and the duct. This door opens to the interior of the furnace. You may need to unscrew the panel from the furnace or remove it from hooks that hold it in place.

2. Remove the filter by pulling it up and out of the tracks

3. Inspect the filter for dirt or damage. If the filter appears dirty, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

  • If your filter is not disposable, it must be cleaned. Remove any dirt or loose particles before cleaning the filter. Water or other liquid can make it difficult to remove the dirt. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to clean your specific furnace filter. As a general rule, a non-toxic cleaner and tap water can be used to accomplish this task.
  • Many newer furnaces have a disposable filter. If this applies, take the old filter to a hardware or appliance store, and purchase a replacement filter of the same type or model.

4. Place the new or newly cleaned filter back into the furnace the same way you removed it.


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