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How to clean a Keurig

  You've Got MAIDS  |    07 December 2018

Instructions to clean a Keurig:

Cleaning a Keurig is really not that different from cleaning a regular coffee maker. But there are some slight differences, and it may take some more time.
person sitting on sofa while reading brochure holding teacup
Once again, unplug the machine!

2. Disassemble and wash all the removable parts.
All removable parts of the Keurig include the water reservoir and its lid, the mug stand, and the K-cup holder. Wash all of these with warm soapy water and dry.

3. Wipe down the machine.
With a clean and damp cloth, wipe down the machine. A lot of coffee grounds collect in the space where you insert the pod so make sure to clean that out as well. Replace all the clean parts you removed earlier and plug the machine back in.

4. Rinse with white vinegar.
Just like we mentioned above with the regular coffee pot, you're going to put a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water into the reservoir of the Keurig. Then run the machine without a K-cup as many times as needed to empty the reservoir. Just toss the mugs of white vinegar solution you'll be brewing, and you're all done!

5. Enjoy a Cup of Joe.
You earned it.

Following these steps will make sure you give any coffee maker a professional grade A clean. Your hard work will be noticed the following morning when a more delicious and refreshed cup of joe is made.