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How Long Will it Take to Professionally Clean my Home?

  Slaten Miller  |    03 November 2015  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    San Antonio

Everyone likes to compare prices on items before we purchase; it's just in our nature. The internet (and especially smart phones!) make it increasingly easier to shop for the best deal even while on the go. What's not quite as easy is comparing similar items or services of varying quality. You'll never find Godiva chocolate for the price of a Hershey's bar or a Mercedes Benz for the price of a Kia and that's okay because to some people the difference in quality is worth the difference in price. Thankfully, maid services in San Antonio are no different.

Spring Cleaning

Professional maids will easily out pace nonprofessionals, but a 52-Point Spring Clean takes time. Usually two to three times as long as a weekly or bi-weekly clean. The reason is because the layer of dirt, grime, and germs that has been overlooked since the last deep clean needs to be scrubbed away before it can be maintained. Our professional, three maid team can average about 600-800 square feet per hour, depending on the current condition of the home.


Recurring Cleans

Recurring maid service is faster because the maids are removing 7-14 days worth of accumulated grime rather than several weeks or months worth. Our three maid team can clean between 1500-2000 square feet per hour for our weekly and bi-weekly customers. The less frequent the service, the more accumulation we'll see and the longer we're in the home. Several other factors influence the pace; such as family members (two-legged and four-legged), decor, clutter, and surfaces (hardwoods take more time than tile, marble or granite takes more time than Corian, etc.) to name a few.



Usually, the faster the pace, the less it will cost to clean your home; however, a faster pace will almost always be attributed to a less thorough clean rather than a speedier cleaning team. With a little effort, you'll surely find the right balance between price and quality.