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How Lint Rollers Can Clean Your Car

  Joseph Berger  |    11 February 2019  |    House Cleaning Tips

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Lint rollers to the rescue! Lint rollers can help clean fuzzy towels, your stereo speakers, your lamp shade, in your purse, broken glass, spilled glitter, stuffed animals, and so on. Furthermore, lint rollers are useful in cleaning your car. They can get into every nook and cranny. Our advice is to work high to low, left to right from one corner of the car and carry on until the whole car is clean of lint and so on. 

Here are some of the best lint rollers on the market:

  1. Scoth-Brite Lint Roller
  2. Evercare
  3. PetLovers

You'll notice that we mentioned a pet hair remover in our list, partially because they're so sticky. They'll help you get everything. If my memories of my college car serve, the stickier the better. So many little things can get between the seat and the center console. Hair, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so much more. 

Next Steps to Clean your Car

Nowadays, every town seems to have one of these updated car washes where you just hook up to the conveyor belt and away you go. They also all seem to have flexible vacuums. If you lint roll the details prior to or alongside this cleaning, you'll have your car detailed in short fashion.

Clean Everything Else

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