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House Cleaning Tips From You've Got Maids of Carmel

  Mitch  |    06 March 2015  |    House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is a part of each of our lives. Some of us do more some of us do less. It doesn't matter which category you fall in as long as the house gets cleaned to your satisfaction. Of course if you hired You've Got Maids of Carmel you would always get a complete house clean. At You've Got Maids all of our Maids go through training in our Maid University before stepping into your house. In those, hopefully rare, moments when you don't have the professional maid in your home we have a few tips to share to help with your own house cleaning.

  1. Rooms - start with one room and work your way around the home.
  2. Dusting - dust first so that any particles that fall will be vacuumed later.
  3. Vacuuming - after dusting and wiping off counter tops.
  4. Clutter - organize and put away in correct place.
  5. Fun - have fun while your cleaning, turn the music up and dance.
  6. Equipment - using the right equipment will insure a clean home.

Of course with You've Got Maids of Carmel's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Clean you can leave your house to the professionals. Call 317-875-7837 today for a free house cleaning estimate.

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