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House Cleaning Service - What Clients Want

  Frank Berger  |    29 August 2009  |    Choosing a maid service

Canva - Cleaning Tap

If you need house cleaning service, and you are considering different Orlando, or Charleston house cleaning services please consider You’ve Got MAIDS. You’ve Got MAIDS local franchise partners puts the Customer in the spotlight. It’s all about you.

Whether you call for a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate or if you desire a complimentary in home consultation, You’ve Got MAIDS is right for you. If our house cleaning service is not a benefit to you, we will tell you just that.

You want a clean home. We are really good at cleaning homes. All our cleaning technicians need to pass a rigorous course load at Maid University before they can clean homes. Bathrooms 101, Kitchens 102, Dusting 103, Vacuuming 104 & Wowing the Customer 201 are all required courses.

You want to be safe. You don’t want to hire just anyone off the street or Craigslist. You want background checks. You want liability insurance. You want bonding. You want workers compensation insurance to protect you from your maids. We have all of that.

You want your house cleaners to show up. We show up. The day before you will get a courtesy call alerting you to our house cleaner’s time of arrival. You can count on our professional office to say what we are going to do, and then do what we said.

Finally you want a fair price. You don’t want to pay too much; you don’t want to pay too little either. We all know that you normally get what you pay for and the low cost maid solutions available today are forecasting what you can expect from them when they give you a low price. Price matters to us. We want the compensation to be fair to you, our cleaning techs, and our company. If any one of these three suffers it is a bad deal for everyone.

CALL NOW for an over the phone consultation. It should only take 7-10 minutes; longer if you want to get into all the finer details of cleaning your home.


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