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Help I Cant Sleep!

  Joseph Berger  |    17 November 2018

Here are three schools of thought we found to help you combat the war on not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough asleep is taxing on your brain. Have you tried reading while tired? Reading the same lines over and over again? Reading the same lines over and over again? Reading the same lines over and over again? Then you say "HEY, didn't I just read this line a bit ago? The author must have made a mistake!" No you are just very sleepy, here some help:

koala bear sleeping on tree

1. Get off your phone

You already know this is bad for your eyes. Do we even need to point out the hundreds of ways being on your phone before bed is unhealthy? There are thousands of articles online about the negative side-effects our screens have on our sleep. Try turning down the brightness at least.

2. Relax

It's actually realistic to train yourself to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes through stimulus control techniques. Essentially what you do is this:

-If you're not asleep within 15 minutes get out of bed and go to another room

-Do something low key

-When you feel tired go back to bed and try again. If you're not asleep within 15 minutes get out of bed again.

-Repeat as often as necessary.

Eventually your brain cries uncle and you fall asleep. This strengthens the association with the bed and falling asleep quickly so over time this will happen more often the first time around. 

What is a low key activity? If you feel like the activity is not "arousing" it's probably okay. Read books, do puzzles, crafts, crosswords, even just sitting and doing nothing. But YES, a major caveat would be to not expose your eyes to light of moderate intensity, including screens.

3. Hire a Professional Maid Service to Clean your Bedroom

Nobody can fall asleep in a dump. You've Got MAIDS will make your room into a sleeping sanctuary. When was the last time your BEDROOM was professionally cleaned, it's quite a luxury. Now try to go get some sleep and call us tomorrow!