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Going green and save on energy costs

  Mitch  |    01 August 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    North Phoenix

Going green is easy and responsible, it can also save you tons of money in wasted energy costs. I have made a list of things you can do around your home that can change the amount of energy used and in return save you in the wallet.

  1. Dimmer switches - installing dimmer switches can reduce the amount of energy a bulb uses and will increase the bulbs life.
  2. Outdoor lighting - install motion sensors to keep the lights from staying on needlessly through the night.
  3. Thermostat - install a programmable thermostat to prevent you from turn it up and down all the time
  4. Windows/doors - weather stripping can prevent air from getting in and out.
  5. Dryer - clean the lint screen after each load helps the dryer work correctly
  6. Washer - wash clothes in cold water

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