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Getting the Fake Tree Down before July

  You've Got MAIDS  |    21 December 2018

No one wants to be the family "celebrating" year round with the tree on display. If there are any grown ups in the house it's time to put the tree away when xmas is over. Get the kids to do it if you can. Here is an easy step by step guide:

green leafed plant with red baubleScott Webb Photography, London, Canada

1. Remove the decorations. Take off all lights, ornaments, tinsels, and anything else attached to the tree.

2. Make sure the tree is secure and won't topple. Make sure you can support the tree with one hand while cleaning the branches with the other.

3. Use a dust cloth or vacuum to clean the tree. Cleaning the tree will usually be more necessary prior to decorating, meaning it will be easier to clean before you put the tree away. At this point, a simple wipe down with a soft cloth or a light vacuuming should be enough to clean your tree and prepare it for storage.

4. Prepare your tree for storage. Disassemble the tree if necessary. You may put an unfolded sheet inside the tree box to protect the tree from dust while in storage. Once the tree and all its parts are placed the box, wrap the sides of the sheet over the tree, then seal the box.[6]
You may also place the tree’s different sections in heavy duty black trash bags to protect from dust and damage.
Avoid storing your tree in attic spaces with exposed insulation or in dusty garages without proper protections, such as covering the tree with plastic or sealing the box with tape.
It is possible to purchase Christmas tree wraps that fit your specific tree dimensions. Check online or with a tree designer.