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  Frank  |    01 September 2009  |    Choosing a maid service

First rate people hire first rate people.

Second rate people hire third rate people.

Our goal is to hire first rate house cleaners, and then train them to clean the You’ve Got MAIDS® way at MAID UNIVERSITY.  It would be naïve to assume you can just hire anyone with a pulse.  You can just hire a hand as the whole body tends to come along for the ride.

Screening maid applicants has become more challenging not less due to the elevated unemployment.   In these troubled economic times we get more calls for jobs than anything else.  Our Orlando You’ve Got MAIDS® office could interview ten people a day…and that is without advertising for help.   I’ve noticed that the quality of the maid applicants has decreased, not increased as the most unqualified workers out there have already lost their job.  Last year we needed to interview 20 applicants to find 1 good maid.  Now it is closer to 30:1.

Once you hire the best candidate the real job begins.  First rate maids need to be challenged…we challenge every new cleaning tech with a challenging curriculum at Maid U to learn how to clean the You’ve Got MAIDS way.  First rate housecleaners need to be rewarded for their maid services…we pay for performance with a commission structure that rewards home cleaners for delivering superior cleaning services.  Earlier this year one of our house cleaners won a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas for exceptional house cleaning service feedback.  First rate housekeepers need to be part of a winning house cleaning company…despite this economic downturn we are growing (just not as fast as I would like).



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