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Farm Fresh Eggs or Store Bought Eggs?

  Montanna Lussier  |    25 June 2019  |    Kitchen,  |    All Natural

The Eggs You Should Be Eating

The big question is, should you be choosing eggs that are directly sourced from a farm, or is it an okay decision to stick with commercially raised eggs. has been going on for a while. Many people immediately assume that farm fresh eggs are better for you, since they seem to be organic. Coincidentally, this reasoning may be true. Even though there isn't a large difference in taste, farm fresh eggs are definitively healthier for you than store bought eggs, as free range eggs have a very short shelf life and offer more nutritional value. Here is some further insight on exactly why farm fresh eggs are better for you.



This differentiation between the taste of free range and store bought eggs is negligible. The average person would not be able to determine any flavor distinction if they were to eat both kinds of eggs, as they are both very similar. The only additional taste you'll get from eating farm fresh eggs is the dash of TLC present in freshly-grown food. However, depending on how you cook the eggs, the farm fresh eggs may appear more yellow than store bought eggs, but this doesn't affect the taste.

Shelf Life

Farm fresh eggs don't have a shelf life, while store bought eggs can sit for multiple weeks. In certain conditions, store bought eggs can last up to a month, but they're required to be sold within 30 days of being packaged. With free range eggs, you don't have to worry about how long they've been sitting on a shelf, because you can get them almost immediately after being produced.


A lot of people are concerned about the animals in the process of food production. If this applies to you, then you may want to buy farm fresh eggs. Chickens that produce eggs directly for sale from a farm are also known as "cage-free", meaning that their way of producing the egg is more natural than the chickens that produce store bought eggs. These chickens tend to be cooped up in cages, and therefore their eggs are produced under worse conditions that aren't as natural as free range.


The argument ends here, as there is a clear winner. Farm fresh eggs have a much higher nutritional value than store bought eggs. Free range eggs have more vitamins, such as D, E, and A, as well as more omega-3 fatty acids. They have less saturated fat and less cholesterol than store bought eggs, which shows how much more beneficial fresh eggs are than those you buy at the grocery store.

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