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Don't Clean Your Flat Screen TV

  Frank Berger  |    08 January 2012  |    House Cleaning Tips

Don't clean your Flat Screen TV without reading this first. Flat Screen TV's aren't the same as the cathode ray tubes (CRT) that we all grew up with. CRT glass could handle Windex, dog slobber, and the occasional projectile during football season.

Your new LCD or Plasma screens aren't made up of the same resilient glass as your old CRT. The new glass is much softer, and can be scratched easily. As a company, You've Got MAIDS trains all of our house cleaners during Maid University, to never clean Flat Screen TV's. Sure we dust off the tops and sides, but we instruct our maids to not touch the screens. We don't want to ruin anyones Super Bowl Party, but we are very happy to clean up after it.

Here's a few Do's and Don'ts:


Don't use Windex or any amonia based glass cleaner on your Flat Panel TV Screen as that can strip away the anti-reflective coating on the glass.

Don't use paper towels or tissue paper to clean your Flat Panel TV Screen as can scratch the soft glass.

Don't spray fluid onto the Flat Panel TV Screen.

Don't touch the Flat Panel TV Screen with your hand (for those of us with young children, good luck on this one).


Do use a dry microfiber cleaning cloth to gently remove smudges and fingerprints.

If the Flat Panel TV Screen is very dirty consider lightly spraying your microfiber cloth with water. The microfiber cloth should be almost dry, before gently cleaning the screen.


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