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Do Men Treat Their Second Wives To Maid Service?

  Frank Berger  |    24 August 2009  |    Choosing a maid service

Lyn Newton’s article entitled Do Men Treat Their Second Wives Better Than Their First? struck a cord with this maid service operator. Ms. Newton asks her divorced female readers if their ex-husbands, new wife is being treated like a queen.

My wife and I have been either providing professional housecleaning services to our upscale customers or helping our franchise partners to provide first class maid service to their wealthy patrons for over four years now. We have noticed that some of our male clients spare no expense at providing a great life to their second wife. Part of that great life is finding a dependable, insured, screened cleaning company to clean their bathrooms. It’s hard to be a queen when you have to clean the throne.

We have also noticed that many of our home cleaning clients have bypassed the marriage do-over to get it right. A large segment of our clients are doing a great job making each other feel appreciated…and what shows a husbands appreciation better than providing maid service for the love of his life?

I am also encouraged speaking with young professionals who are getting married. They have the wedding planned out, the house is purchased, and the young groom sets up maid service before the wedding! Now that is what I call proactive.

In matters of the heart it is best to remember the words of the late 20th century philosopher, Stephen Stills, to love the one your with. So men, whether she is your first, second, or third wife, treat your queen to maid service.