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Daily House Cleaning Maintanence

  Mitch  |    29 January 2016  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Portland

Cleaning your house is more about maintenance cleaning than busting your hump on your weekends off. Follow these tips or customize your own. Doing just a little more during the week will help free up some time this weekend.

  1. Bathroom - We use this daily but very few of us wipe down the used surfaces daily, this little extra step will help with build up.
  2. Kitchen - wipe down counter tops after using them, same with the stove top. Run the dishwasher when full at night and unload in the morning.
  3. Laundry - when you have a full load run the wash.
  4. Flooring - vacuum or sweep high traffic areas can prevent tracking of dirt and debris through the whole home.

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