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Cleaning Tips For A Cat Litter Box

  Frank Berger  |    25 September 2009  |    House Cleaning Tips

Cat Litter Box Tip #1

One cat, one litter box. Disease can be passed from cat to cat through the use of shared litter box. Further, a cat can spread disease through her feces, urine and saliva to human beings. 

Cat Litter Box Tip #2

Keep your cats’ litter box clean. Remove solid waste immediately & change the litter often. Always wear disposable rubber gloves. When cleaning your cats litter box don’t use strong smelling cleaning products as it may discourage your cat from frequenting the litter box. Wash the box with soap and water. Allow the cat litter box to air dry before filling with litter.

Cat Litter Box Tip #3

Cat waste and Cat Litter boxes are potential biohazards. Toxoplamosis is one of the parasitic diseases spread by cats. Symptoms of toxoplamosis include fever, shortness of breath and neurological problems. If a mother-to-be contracts the disease in her first trimester, it can produce cysts in the brain of her unborn baby. This can lead to developmental abnormalities or even miscarriage.

Other people with a weakened immune system, such as those infected with HIV & the elderly, may become seriously ill, and it can be fatal. The parasite can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and neurological diseases and can affect the heart, liver, and eyes (chorioretinitis).

Women of childbearing age are at the greatest risk. Since our maids at You’ve Got MAIDS are primarily women of childbearing age it would be morally wrong for our professional cleaning service to allow our maids to work with our Clients cats waste.

Bottom line our house cleaners will vacuum up pet hair, but the maids don’t touch your pets waste. To do anything else would be inconsistent with our guiding philosophy of treating our associates with respect and dignity.


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