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Cleaning mistakes we need to avoid

  Mitch  |    10 April 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Asheville


Before you begin your next house cleaning,  take note of how your cleaning and try and avoid these cleaning mistakes.

  1. Rushing the job - don't just spray cleaner on a surface and immediately wipe away, give the cleaner time to work before you begin.
  2. Rubber gloves - protecting your hands against harsh chemicals is a must.
  3. Spraying too much cleaner - more is not always better, too much cleaner can emit unneccesary chemicals into the air you breathe.
  4. Not washing pillows and comforters - dust mites, dead skin, and other allergens live in the pillows and comforters but most of us only wash the sheets and pillow cases.
  5. Mixing cleaners - this can be toxic and extremely dangerous.

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