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Cleaning and organizing under the kitchen sink

  Mitch  |    13 August 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Charleston

Cleaning and organizing under my kitchen sink sounds like a nightmare of a job. Usually when I pull something out of there, it magically gets replaced by something else moving into its spot. I can never find anything unless its right in front.

That's why I started looking for ideas on how to better organize this crucial space. Click here to view article from Good Housekeeping on ways to organize the space under your kitchen sink. It will give you ideas involving bins, hanging bars, and stylish decor. 

To keep the cleaning theme going, You've Got Maids of Charleston can assist with your house cleaning. Call 843-805-7000 today for a free house cleaning estimate. You organize below the sink and we will handle the rest of your house cleaning.

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