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Are Spreading Your Germs?

  Melendez  |    09 September 2015  |    Choosing a maid service,  |    Yorba Linda

Fall is almost here and with the cooler weather also comes more colds and flues, and one great way to make sure that you and your family stay healthy is the make sure that your house is clean.


But how do you know if your house is actually being cleaned?

Are you spreading your germs?


Canva - Laguna Beach, Orange County (Southern California)



Microfiber cleaning cloths contain a scientific weave that clinically trap and remove 99% of all dirt, grime, bacteria and germs.  We don’t move dirt and dust around!

At our Yorba Linda House Cleaning service we use microfiber cloths because of their superior cleaning qualities and the fact that they have been proven to remove dirt, unlike unsanitary mops and brooms that just spread the dirt around.


All of our industrial strength equipment and supplies remove what you don’t want, and leave a cleaner, healthier home.


 A conventional cloth or mop used with Lysol or bleach, is only 92% effective.


We also have color coded the cloths to protect against cross contamination.

You can trust your friends at You've Got Maids of OC to treat you and your family right! We will clean your house the right way!