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5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

  joseph  |    07 February 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Carmel

Did you spend more than a few seconds trying to find a spatula the last time you made grandma's chocolate cake? Then it's time to simplify your kitchen! Here's five easy steps from You've Got Maids of Carmel:

1. Consolidate pots and pans. Make them easy to access by putting them all in one cabinet at arm's length. Or, purchase a hanging pot rack and deck out your kitchen in style

2. Group cooking utensils in one place. Put your whisks, spatulas, spoons, etc. in a pretty pitcher next to the stove.

3. Separate loose food ingredients like flower and sugar in sealable containers, with labels. They will last longer, and you'll never mix up sugar and salt again!

4. Get a sheet of cabinet liner and make padding in all of your cabinets. It reduces moisture and is easily removal for cleaning. It also keep glass in place and prevents chipping

5. Put all your spices in one place and purchase an inexpensive rotating rack. Many come pre-labelled.

Now that your kitchen is organized, get it sparkling clean too! Call You've Got Maids of Carmel and we will make your kitchen (and the rest of your home) look brand new!

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