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5 Ways to Clean the 5 Dirtiest Spots in Your Kitchen

  Joseph Berger  |    04 February 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Charleston

Did you know that your kitchen counter may have more germs than a toilet seat? That's right! Keep reading for 5 ways to disinfect the 5 dirtiest spots in your kitchen.

1. Coffee maker. It's easy to forget to clean it when you're always using it in a rush every morning. Once a month, let vinegar sit in it for thirty minutes, then run a few cycles to clean and disinfect.

2. Cutting board. For a safe, eco-friendly method, rub half a lemon on the surface and let it sit for up to an hour to cut grime. Then disinfect by rinsing with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

3. Dish sponge. Change yours out daily; or to save money, microwave it after using to zap germs

4. Fridge, oven, and microwave handles. Keep anti-bacterial wipes on hand and use on these commonly touched but forgotten areas.

5. Kitchen sink. Scrub with a paste of baking soda and water, then chew up lemons in the disposal. Now it will look clean and smell fresh!

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