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4 Easy Ways to Live Greener

  Joseph Berger  |    18 July 2011  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Quakertown

1. Turn off small appliances when they are not being used. As much as 75% of electricity used in homes is by appliances that are off or not being used. You'll easily knock a few bucks off of your electric bill.

2. Ditch the water bottles and buy a water filter. You'll save money for yourself, and plastic for everyone else.

3. Instead of washing clothes at hot, try warm. It will decrease energy expenditure by half.

4. Contact You've Got MAIDS !

If you live in Quakertown, call the locally owned and operated You’ve Got Maids. You’ve Got MAIDS of Lehigh Valley is owned and operated by local business woman Elsa O’Brien. Call Elsa at 215-529-7837 to set up your Quakertown house cleaning or start your free house cleaning estimate online.