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3 Easy Ways to Clean a Garbage Disposal

  Joseph Berger  |    31 January 2019  |    house cleaning,  |    Home Cleaning Tips


Garbage disposals can become an oasis of foul smells in the midst of your aromatic kitchen. It needn't be this way. Let's discuss three simple options to return your nasty garbage disposal to like-new.

  1. Lemon Rinds - They're not just nice garnishes for cocktails. Lemon rinds can also can be used to improve the smell of your garbage disposal. Place a reasonable of lemon rinds into the garbage disposal and run them through. Follow that up with some cold water and voila. 
  2. Clean The Plastic - Many garbage disposal will have all sorts of plastic flaps and so on. If your has a "removable baffle" (apparently that's what they're called), remove it, and clean it. All sorts of things may have built up on it over time, so you may need to really give it a good scrub. Once it's clean, put it back. There you go.
  3. Preventative Action - Just as the best time to plant a tree is a hundred years ago, the best time to clean a garbage disposal is three months ago! The second best time is today. Avoid putting fibrous veggies, starchy foods and so on down the disposal. When you run the machine, do so for 4-6 seconds longer than you feel is necessary so that it cleans out, and rinse every time.


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