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3 Double Uses for Common Household Items

  admin  |    12 March 2014  |    House Cleaning Tips,  |    Columbia

We all have a "junk drawer" where rubber bands, paper clips, and other household items disappear forever. Our You've Got Maids house cleaning experts found some uncommon ways to reuse those common items!

1. Rubber bands. Loop them around the doorknob, making a cross over the door jamb, and loop around the doorknob on the opposite side. This will keep the door from closing if you have mobile toddlers or an arm full of groceries!

2. Eyeglasses case. Use a spare one to store jewelry and other loose items when traveling. Never lose your favorite pair of earrings in your suitcase again!

3. Empty parmesan cheese shaker. Fill it with plant fertilizer for a quick and easy way to make your indoor and outdoor plants healthy and happy!

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