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10 Qualities of a Professional Maid Service I House Cleaning Services

  James D OConnor  |    05 December 2016  |    Choosing a maid service

Evaluating a Professional Maid Service

10 Qualities to Look For in a Service

If you’re researching house cleaning services in your neighborhood it is essential to ask some tough questions of a professional maid service, to evaluate the companies you’re reviewing. When evaluating a professional maid service or vetting the various house cleaning service companies you could choose from, you need to understand when comes with the service - What are the benefits and what are the risks?

The Rule of Thumb - Be Careful Who you Let in Your Home!

The fact of the matter is, no matter what service you’re researching if they are going to be working where you live, you need to be so careful who you let into your home. That's what this short, two-minute video is all about:



What happens if the maid you hired slips and falls? How will this decision impact me at tax-time? Should I be providing my maid with cleaning products to clean my home? These are only a few of the considerations you should be making before signing on the dotted line with a maid service or “cleaning lady.”


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10 Qualities of a Professional House Cleaning Service:

In fact, there are even more considerations you need to make when hiring someone to work in and around your home then even those three.

Here are our top 10 questions you should consider when you are vetting a professional maid service or hiring for house cleaning services:

  1. Is this house cleaning company licensed, insured and bonded?
  2. Do their maids have workers compensation? because your home insurance doesn't cover maids slipping and falling.
  3. Do they protect you from the IRS by paying all the maids payroll taxes, social security taxes, medicare tax, state unemployment tax, & federal unemployment tax?
  4. How many applicants do they interview to find one good maid?
  5. Are their maids their employees or are they independent contractors?
  6. Does the maid service owner run their business out of an office or a car?
  7. Will the maids bring all the supplies and equipment or is that on me?
  8. Does the maid service have a formal training program?
  9. Does the maid service have a history of showing up on the day of service at the promised time?
  10. Does the maid service have a formal online feedback system?

If they say yes to all of the above, they are a professional maid service and are worthy of your consideration. 

Need a second opinion? See what Better Homes & Gardens has to say about the topic (they have a list too!).


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