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Fun in North Pheonix: Halloween Is Here!

  Jonathan Teall  |    Oct 30, 2019 11:36:40 AM  |    North Phoenix

Local Halloween Events in North Phoenix

It's time for Halloween! In just one short day, a multitude of festively costumed children will be ringing your doorbell to claim their yearly tribute of candy. Why stop at just one day of fun? Check out some of the events on this page, they happen throughout the upcoming week - the perfect way to extend your favorite time of year! You've Got Maids of North Phoenix excels at providing you a clean home, so that you can enjoy the fun times.


Cleanup and Costume Party | North Phoenix

Canva - Toddler in Halloween costume

Join the Keep Nature Wild group in a fun festive experience. Come dressed up in your best costume, even after Halloween! They host gatherings that give back to the environment in a way that we all should love. Spend your day cleaning up the environment, while dressed up, and you're sure to receive one of their many awards. There will be a judged costumed contest. Click the link above the picture to learn more about how you can give back to your community with just a little time. You're sure to feel great afterwards!

Disney and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas:

In Concert Live to Film

Canva - happy Halloween! children in costume of witch and skeletons with pumpkins and candles in dark (1)

The Phoenix Symphony will be performing right alongside this holiday classic. Danny Elfman will be putting on a lively, exciting score that will accompany Jack the Pumpkin King's journey throughout. This is a family friendly organized event, please wear your best costumes! Fun for everyone, 5 and up. Click the link above the picture for more information.

Kroctober Halloween Trick or Treat

Canva - A Group of Children in Costumes on a Halloween Holiday

Candy and Costumes for all! The Kroc Center is providing a fun, and safe trick or treating filled event. There will be tons of activities for the entire family. Dress up, and come out for tons of candy! This event is completely free, but please click the link above to find out further information related to the event.

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