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Hear from the franchisees themselves about their experiences starting and operating their You've Got Maids franchises. At You've Got Maids, we're a family of entrepreneurs committed to growing America's Finest Maid Service.    

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Why You've Got Maids?

Now in our second decade of franchising, You've Got Maids is a favorable combination of experience and possibility. Investors will appreciate our systems for success and the possibility to grow as big as your dreams.

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House cleaning isn't exactly a newfound idea. There have been maids as long as there have been houses and there always will be. That being said, professional franchise house cleaning services are bringing this age-old service into the modern era. 

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You've Got Maids turns bathrooms into goldmines without nickeling and diming its franchisees. Learn more about our competitive fee structure that puts franchisor and franchisee on the same side of the table.

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In most major markets, prime territories are still open for development. Get the territory that you want now, with the possibility of expanding in the future. 

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You've Got Maids Testimonials

A Day in the Life

Join Elsa O'Brien of Quakertown as she starts the day at her office. Elsa O'Brien was one of the earliest franchisees, had never been in business before, and is a mother of two children. Hear how she was able to leverage the education, support, and resources of You've Got Maids to build a successful business, providing stability for her family.


Meet the Owners

Meet Sergio Mercado of San Antonio, Moylam & Raul Wong of Central Houston, and Nicole Holder of Asheville, NC. All of them started in different places, but have arrived at You've Got Maids. This video asks the question, "How did it feel when you first started your own business?" Join Sergio, Moylam, Raul, and Nicole for their stories of excitement, nervousness, and triumph.




Meet Elsa & Bruce O'Brien of Quakertown, Alma Guzman of Tampa Bay, and Drew & Marion Denby of Sarasota. Again, we posed the question, "How did it feel when you first started your own business?" Again, we heard stories of eagerness and victory. Join Elsa, Bruce, Alma, Drew, and Marion as they tell their tales.



Here we have Moylam & Raul Wong of Central Houston, TX talking in-depth about their experience as brand new franchisees. With You've Got Maids, you're never alone. 



Nicole Holder of Asheville, NC is another rock star franchisee who launched her business in the spring of 2017 after a career in social work. Hear about how she came into the You've Got Maids family, and why she chose us to help her grow her dream.



Meet the owners of five different franchise locations all at the tail-end of their week of training at the headquarters of You've Got Maids: Tommy & Charles of North Phoenix, Trudy & Sam of Springfield, Christina & Christopher of Olathe, Lorna of Sugar Land, and Sidney & Kerri of Amarillo.