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Beware Franchise Naysayers

Naysayers come out of the woodwork before any business begins. Here's Frank Berger, Co-Founder and CEO, discussing his naysayers and how he dealt with it. 
“Dont' take counsel of your fears or naysayers.” 
- Colin Powell

The Fork in the Road

Here it comes, the time time to go left or right. Some say that the Olympian stands alone, but so does the entrepreneur. As a franchisee, you have a community, but still, you have to know who you are, and where you're going. 

"Tune out the naysayers, tune into your own courage, and take a bold step toward the passion-filled life you really want."

- Oprah Winfrey

Loved Ones

Naysayers often have the best intentions. People understand that starting a business can be risky, and they can be worried for you. Frank shares about how he had a few close relatives who were naysayers. Luckily for the hundreds of maids, franchisees, and staff members that make up the You've Got Maids organization, Frank didn't listen to the naysayers. 

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