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    Marketing Support

    How are we getting the word out?

    The heart of your business success lies in marketing, and providng quality service. While a super cleaning services speaks volumns, there's still need for our franchisees owners to let their community know that they're ready to offer top of the line services at reasonable rates. We at Headquarters are going to train and support you on our best practices regarding marketing.


    Good marketing starts with a good brand. Our customer loves our logo, our name, and our tagline: America's Finest Maid Service®. For more about our logo, check out what Founder Frank Berger has to say here.

    Unique Selling Proposition

    Franchises in our industry are distinguishes from the local mom & pop craigslist cleaners by the fact that we are by and large insured, have a rigorous hiring  processed, have a systemized training process, do background checks, and have processes to assure safety for entry. You've Got Maids further distinguishes itself through it's commitment to green cleaning and community involvement.

    As a franchise, we also are able to offer our prospective franchisees greater opportunity for growth. There is available territory for growth in almost every major market. Most of the house cleaning franchises who have similar brand recognition and who are ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500, cannot say the same. Also, our Founders Frank and Cynthia Berger still are active in the company and run the training sessions as well as office visits. This involvement is why Franchise Business Review listed You've Got Maids as one of the Top 50 for Franchise Satisfaction


    Marketing Channels

    Good brand, good proposition, what's next? Well, you'll need a plan to inform the world of the great business that's in their community. With a combination approach of social media, pay per click advertising, print marketing, and so on, we work with our franchisees to ensure that everyone here's the good news. While we'd love to share with you our marketing action plan, the rubrics by which we measure success, and the support process by which we fine tune the plan as a response to those analytics, these things are for franchisee eyes only. That being said, from the moment you sign a franchise agreement and embark on our 21-Day Jump Start, you'll be given the keys to it all. 

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