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Three Reasons Why Maid-Mobiles Are Fantastic

Believe it or not, none of our reasons for why Maid-Mobiles are fantastic have to do with how absolutely beautiful they look. They are pretty easy on the eyes, but that's not why we have them. We have them because they help our franchisees maintain top notch marketing, operations, and human resources.

1. Marketing 

Maid-Mobiles are moving billboards. Jealous neighbors will be calling us to see if they too can get their house cleaned by America's Finest Maid Service®. Busy people driving next to them will give us a call to clean up before the weekend. They have even partaken in city parades. Wherever they go, Maid-Mobiles make an impression and let the people in the communities we serve know that we are here to do business. The more of them on the road, the more powerful that message becomes. 

2. Operations

When we control our means of transportation, we control our operations. You've Got Maids has worked tirelessly to build a system for success that puts our franchisees in a position to always say yes to the client. Our clients have high expectations, and only through owning our Maid-Mobiles can we assure that the cars parked in front of the client's house is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functioning well enough to get there in the first place. 

3. Human Resources

Some of our best maids don't drive, or have a car that would be reliable every day. By providing them with a MaidMobile, we take away that burden from them and let them focus on making our clients happy. This is one of the many reasons why our maids have chosen to be a part of our growing team. By making working at You've Got Maids more accessible, we improve our position of attracting, attaining, and retaining the best maids in America. 

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