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Franchising Opportunity

6 Reasons Why: House Cleaning 

We at You've Got Maids are excited about the opportunity available in our industry. In this video, maid-turned-franchisee support staff member Joseph Berger describes six reasons why house cleaning is a great field for the thoughtful entrepreneur.

1. Solid Industry

House cleaning isn't exactly a newfound idea. There have been maids as long as there have been houses, and this isn't going away anytime soon. That being said, professional franchise house cleaning services are bringing this age old service into the modern era. 

2. Growing Demand

Our market is growing due to several factors, but chief amongst them is the increasing number of women entering the workforce1. In many homes, the traditional household duties are no longer being maintained by the women of the house. The increasing prevalence of dual income households is a huge opportunity for us to come in and provide a valuable service to these families. Their home still needs cleaning, and considering the value of their house and the possessions therein, hiring anyone other than a professional who is insured, trained, and background checked is not acceptable. Our franchise offers to manage a well trained team of maids who have passed background checks prior to employment all the while offering elite customer service. 

3. Low Start Up Cost

When you're looking at an industry to join, one of the key considerations is barriers to entry. As Founder Frank Berger points out, there's no dominant player in the residential cleaning industry, or janitorial services in general. In a 2015 report on the janitorial industry, Scott-Macon Investment Bankers notes that no single company in the industry makes up more than 10% of the industry2. As such, there is no company or group of companies that dominate or are able to change the market. In his personal research, Frank noticed that in residential cleaning, there was no franchise that routinely had the top brand market to market. 
Compared to a restaurant or gym, starting a house cleaning service is relatively economical. This fact served as an inspiration to Founders Frank & Cynthia Berger as it provided an avenue for them to pursue their mission; to help burgeoning entrepreneurs create businesses for themselves and their families. In their report on the janitorial industry, market researcher IBIS World3 cites "being part of a franchise chain" as one of the top three success factors. With some cleaning services having customer turnover as high as 55% or more4, learning from a franchise the operational and marketing systems for success is crucial to building a business in this expanding industry. 

4. Low Ongoing Costs

Cleaning supplies aren't all that expensive, and our practice of maintaining vendors without markup helps our franchisees keep costs as low as possible. Furthermore, our fair labor practices will keep your largest ongoing cost and labor in the right ballpark. Again, this is a value to joining a franchise. Without the training and consulting, these costs could get out of hand, dampening your ability to market and expand. 

5. Profit Potential

There's money in doing what others won't. When our best practices are being followed, every job should be profitable in and of itself. Furthermore, accounts receivable is not a part of our standard operating procedure. Debt collection just isn't our thing. 

6. Scalable

Client by client, we can build a business. Maid-mobile by maid-mobile, we can serve that business. There's nothing stopping you once you get started! Not only that, we don't charge franchise fees (the flat part of the initial costs to joining our franchise) on adding additional territories. 
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